Membership info

Membership of this Organisation shall be open to Tanzanian living{abroad}and registration entry is through the regional or local community, the council of the country, and the continents’ councils’ which forms Tanzania Global Diaspora abbreviated as “TDC Global”

Membership which is through the local community, country – continents and shall be granted to, and limited to, persons of Tanzanian heritage by birth, who reside principally across the World {Diasporas}with either Tanzanian nationality or have acquired the nationality of another country.

Where a candidate applies for membership he or she shall agree to abide by the local community, and Tanzania Global Diaspora constitution, Bye-Laws, rules, regulations, and code of conduct.


A member shall register to TDC Database and pay an annual subscription to the Council as a set and specified by the Council.

Types of Membership

 Communities/Associations Membership

Shall be open to all local Tanzanian communities/associations, countries, and continent councils’ with its members’ that form part of TDC Global.

Corporate Membership.

Shall be Open to companies or organizations’ that support and sponsor Tanzania Global Diaspora.

Honorary membership.

  • The Council shall decide the privileges of honorary members of the Council and organization either;
  • The Council may for such period as it sees fit elect a person as an honorary member of the Council and organization because of his or her distinction and eminence.
  • Upon ratification by the council, the honorary member shall automatically donate their membership commitment sum of, $10,000 (ten thousand USD) to Tanzania Global Diaspora Accounts and thus acquire the status of honorary membership.
  • Shall be permitted to attend respective meetings with the right to join in discussion/deliberations without voting rights.
  • Honorary members are not bound by a certain day to day obligations and responsibilities, although their counsels and professional insight over matters being deliberated shall be welcome and taken on board
  • Has rendered distinguished service to the community, organization, government departments, members of Parliament, private sector (businesses) and can assist the organization and its community in promoting its objects – ensuring that no conflict of interest exists.

Tanzania Global Diaspora IT Team shall keep member information in TDC DATABASE SECURED.

  • Register to be conclusive

The Register of Members shall be deemed, for all purposes to contain a correct list of members and their registered contact details.

(ii)  Every member should register to the database with correct information.

  • In case of any members permanently relocate and therefore not residing in the Diaspora shall be removed from the database and shall not be entitled to organization and community benefits and privileges, unless stated otherwise.