Our Vision

To become a  reputable effective organization that promotes the interests of Tanzanians living in the Diaspora as they participate in the social economic development of Tanzania and the advancement of their well-being.

TDC Global will engage with the Tanzanian Government to develop a “Diaspora Policy” that links national development needs with abundant Diaspora human and Financial Resources.

 TDC Global will be a recognized bridge between the Tanzanian Government and Tanzanians in  Diaspora,  advocating and lobbying for changes in relevant Tanzanian laws that affect the Diaspora‘s active participation in the economic, social, and cultural activities of the motherland. The Council will pursue the removal of barriers that hinder the Diaspora’s full contribution to the development of Tanzania and its people; - in the same spirit, TDC Global will work with the Tanzanian Government to achieve the Government’s granting of Special Status and dual citizenship to Tanzanians in Diaspora. In pursuing its objectives, The Council shall liaise with and/or work in close cooperation with other entities, and groups with similar interests, goals, and focus while maintaining autonomy as an independent entity.