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Karibu Ujiunge Na TDC GlobalTDC Global ni kwa ajili yetu Watanzania katika Diaspora, itajengwa na sisi wenyewe kwa umoja wetu.Jiandikishe hapaWelcome To TDC GlobalWe are the Tanzania Diaspora CommunityLearn More


Membership of this Organisation shall be open to Tanzanian living/or have lived abroad

TDC Global Constitution

TDC Global is guided by its constitution and bylaws.

Diaspora community

We have a rich community and we believe that you can find a perfect fit to your personality and community goals.

Development Projects

TDC Global has a diverse mix of professionals, and are involved in the various development project, in and out of the country.

our vision

To become a world-leading community of Tanzanian diaspora, with values and vision to develop our country in all aspects of it. Create a cohesive community of diaspora and make a statement of our heritage, culture, environment, and promote peace and love.

welcome to TDC Global

A Home to people of Tanzanian origin and non-resident Tanzanian residing outside the country.



the future is our responsibility

The Tanzanian Diaspora abroad, consists of people of Tanzania origin and non-resident Tanzanian residing outside the country. Although It is not well documented, because of non – coordination between the Government and the Diasporas, but the Diaspora of Tanzania abroad, account for significant share of the country GDP. Similarly, the contribution of the Diaspora in terms of skills, expertise and transfer of knowledge to Tanzania is invaluable though this potential is not yet fully developed or harnessed.

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